How to find which external modules are loaded from rmanager

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To see what external scripts are running at any moment you can run in Telnet the command external.
From telnet you can start/stop/restart an external module without stopping Yate (operations needed when you want to update the changes in your script).
Follow the next steps to know how to see from Telnet the running global external modules.


Connect using Telnet from the localhost

Connect to Yate through telnet:

  >> telnet 5038 

5038 is the default Yate port, in case your Yate uses another port use that.

Command 'external' parameters meaning

By typing this commands in telnet:

  • external script_name.php - just start another instance of the module
  • external start script_name.php - start an instance only if one isn't already running
  • external stop script_name.php - stops the first running instance with that name
  • external restart script_name.php - stops (if running) and then starts an external module
  • external info - provides more detailed information about each of the running modules (no module name is supported)

Command 'external' without parameters

Type in telnet:


The output should be the external modules that are running at that time.


  1. external_module1.php
  2. external_module2.php

Example usage

Let's say you want to restart one if the scripts without restarting Yate, because you modified it.


  external restart external_module1.php

For the same target you can use "stop" and "start" instead of "restart".

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