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Here is information about how to use the embedded Javascript implementation to change the behavior of Yate.

Information about the language Configuration examples

Language, Objects and Functions Reference.

Configuring Javascript module to use routing scripts.

Language extensions for including other files and libraries.

Object construction and prototypal inheritance in Javascript.

Messages in JavaScript

Describes implemented methods that process actions in certain time intervals.

Methods of sharing data between different Javascript instances.

Commands and ways to interact with Javascript scripts or interpretor from rmanager.

Reading configuration files

Routing rules written in a script using Yate's Javascript module.

Accessing the database from javascript module.

How to start CDR Ring Timer on call.progress

How to hangle call.route for SIP MESSAGE request to build SMSC or allow SIP messages only for some users

Registration and routing examples in Javascript. This is the actual setup used at Burning Man 2013.

Javascript scripts that build a basic HLR, MSC/VLR and SMSC for YateBTS.

Javascript class that eases work with database queries.

Example of Javascript IVR: play prompts, catch dtmfs, send call to another destination

Example on how to use kcachegrind to profile Javascript script

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