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There are four operations associated with the conference.


Make a conference

Connect to a random generated conference room in which you and your peer will be connected {#0#}. If you have already been in a conference, you and your peer are going to be connected to that room. This is allowed from within a call. If you are in the dial state, you've been to a conference room and you do this operation you are going to be connected to the same room. If the operation faills or it's not allowed, you are going to hear an error tone.

Exit the conference

This is done with the same key that returns you to the dialing state {*3}

Return to the conference

This can happen in two ways (you return alone {##} or you return with a new peer {#0#}). You are allowed to do this operation from within a call or the dial state.

Make a new call

You are disconnected from the conference by default when you try to call your new peer {ex: 122** - calls to 122}. In case the call faills you pass to the dial state.

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