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Configuration files are text files with a structure similar to the Windows INI files composed of "sections" and "properties".
This files can be found in configuration files directory: conf.d that is in the directory where Yate was build.
They are stored as *.conf.sample, you have to copy them as *.conf and edit them according to your needs.
This files are used to pass variables to a running Yate instance.


Configuration files location

The configuration files are in conf.d directory that is found in the root directory where Yate was build.

More informations about the path for configuration files in function of how Yate was installed on different platforms, can be found in Paths and Directories page.

Structure of configuration files

The structure of the configuration files is similar to the Windows INI files. They are text files divided in sections each containing several key=value pairs:

key1=value 1
 key2 = value 2

key = A very long value \
that continues over \
several lines


Spaces surrounding section, keys and values are removed - in the example above the 2nd pair in section1 has key "key2" and value "value 2".

Comments are the lines starting with ; as you can see in the example as [section3].

Starting with SVN Rev. 2433 (2009-01-13) very long values (like database queries) can be broken over several lines by placing a backslash at the end of line. In the example above 
"key" will have a value of "A very long value that continues over several lines" - note that spaces at start of continuation lines are also removed.

If you need to have a backslash at the end of a value just add one or more white spaces (blank or tab) after it.

Startup configuration file

The main Yate startup configuration is stored in the file yate.conf.

Please notice that "yate.conf" under Windows has to be named "yate-service.conf" if you are running it as a service or "yate-console.conf" while running the console version.
In other words it has to match the executable file name or the file would not be loaded and default configuration will be applied.

File "yate.conf" controls the loading of modules in Yate.
Loading of each module is controlled by the base name of each module in the [modules] section from yate.conf.
The default is specified by modload in section [general] of the same file:

  • if modload=yes (default) all modules are loaded if not disabled explicitly
  • if modload=no only explicitly enabled modules are loaded

Configuration options

See modules and features documentation for other configuration options.

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