Debugging with tcpdump

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When using Linux you can make use of tcpdump program to help you debug issues.

tcpdump -pa -s0 -w tcpdump-4.cap

The command above captures all traffic:

  • in full length (-s0)
  • in non-promiscious mode (-p),
  • with adress resolution (-a)
  • to a file by the name of tcpdump-4.cap.

After you've captured enough traffic, generating events like calls or whatever, you can use Wireshark to analyse your traffic.

Wireshark is GPL, like YATE, and it's an amazing product - you actually can listen to the calls you or your customers made; you can see a diagram of the messages sent and so on! It really helps a lot with debugging, and is IMHO easier than messing around with yate -vvvvv

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