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Yate is available for multiple platforms.


Prebuilt Packages

There are some official packages released on Yate Download for Windows and Mageia Linux.


Mageia (official)

You can find Mageia Packages under:

You may also install our repositories:

Ubuntu (community)

Unfortunately the Yate package provided in the official Ubuntu repositories are outdated, but there is also PPA for Yate on Launchpad.


There is a nightly build service for Debian, but note that these builds use the current HEAD revision from official Yate SVN, see WebSVN



You can download Yate Client from the official MacStore or you can download them from Null Team. Yate should work on 10.6+


There is a port for yate on FreeBSD, you can find it under


or try

# Old pkg system
pkg_add -r yate
# New pkgng system
pkg install yate


Null Team provides Windows binary, you can find them under:

Source code is available via Git

To download:

git clone

Web view

You can browse the source code or see the latest changes by using GitHub.

Building from source

To create the ./configure script you have to change to the sources directory and run ./

NOTE!!! Linux: For your convenience we provide a source RPM from which to build with

rpmbuild --rebuild

To build from Git you will need autoconf 2.53 or later. For other modules require additional dependencies, please see the documentation for exact details.


Nightly builds

If you are interested in testing newer features of Yate than are available in released versions, there are nightly binary builds available as.

  • Linux
    • Debian (community)

Other platforms: iOS, Android

YateClient can also pe compiled and made to run on iOS or Android. Still, for this to work you would need to build a graphical interface for each platform. Null Team has demo applications that run on both platforms. Contact us for more information.

See also

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