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Event Logs

This module allows writing events and alarms to persistent log files. Apart from that the events in the running instance can be seen through a rmanager command.

The names of the log files are built by matching the name of the component that generated the event against a list of regular expressions. By default the alphanumeric prefix of the name is turned in the file name and an extension of .log is added.

With the default regexp in the config file the alphanumeric prefix of components is turned into the file name. Most special characters and anything after them is removed:

  • trunk1/ISUP -> trunk1.log
  • trunk2/ISUP -> trunk2.log
  • linkset -> linkset.log
  • link:1 -> link.log
  • link:2 -> link.log

Note that log files are opened / created, appended and immediately closed. It should be safe to move or rename the logs during operation.


To enable the module you will need to configure at least the logs base directory logs_dir. The default file mappings should be OK.

; This section controls the global behavior of the events log module

; logs_dir: string: Base directory for event log files, must be set to enable the module
; The last component of the path will be created if missing
; Example: logs_dir=/var/log/yate-events

; public_read: bool: Make the log files publically readable
; This setting does not apply to Windows

; This section maps event sources to file names
; Each line holds a regexp and a filename that can include replacements
; First line that matches writes to file name at right of = and exits
; You must take care to create valid file names

; If this section is missing or empty a default line is added:
; ^[A-Za-z0-9_-]\+ = \0.log
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