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/wiki/images/yatedocs/pixel.png Latest articles

  1. Javascript JPath
  2. Javascript Shared
  3. Javascript Array
  4. HTTP Client
  5. SIP SIPS URI Support
  6. Isup.mangle
  7. Radio.create
  8. MTP3 SEP Configurations
  9. SS7 MTP2 in Yate
  10. Interconnecting

/wiki/images/yatedocs/pixel.png Setups

VoIP - PSTN gateway
Connect the existing PBX to
alternative VoIP providers.


Yate as a PBX
How to use Yate as a PBX
depending on the features you need.

Connecting To Google Voice using your SIP account
Use Yate server to handle
all your Google Voice calls....

H323 To SIP Signalling Proxy
Yate is proxying between the
H.323 and SIP protocols.

Jabber Client With Jingle Yate Server
Use the Jingle channel
and the Jabberclient module....

SIP SBC - session border controller

Providing security for
the internal network of the carrier.

/wiki/images/yatedocs/pixel.png Modules
/wiki/images/yatedocs/pixel.png Startup points

Javascript - Initiation
PHP - External modules
Jabber server
YAYPM- Yet Another Python Module
SS7 - Initiation

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