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This page contains various hints on miscellaneous problems. If you encountered an issue or think that your experience could help other users, this is the place to place that information.

STUN module does not work

If you set modload=disable in yate.conf you have to load the STUN module by hand. I entered the modules I wanted from the Documentation site, and as STUN is not listed there, I did not include it.


You need to stop the server and start it again, a reload is not enough. After this, the logfile should contain the line:

Initializing module YSTUN

Please note, that ystunchan is a STUN client, not a server.

If you need a server, consider using the stun daemon (Ubuntu / Debian / Mint). It will need to bind to two different public IP addresses.

Error running kdoc

If you choose kdoc as documentation generator you may run into errors like:

Mismatched block close at /usr/share/kdoc/kdocAstGen.pm line 38 ...

This happens because a construct in kdoc is incompatible with newer versions of Perl. You can apply this patch as root from the / directory to fix it.

YateClient on Ubuntu 11.10

While testing YateClient on Ubuntu 11.10, we've encoutered the following problem:

when restoring the application from the system tray, the global menu of the main window disappeared. 

After some research, we found out that this related to the this bug in Unity.

To fix this issue, please install the patched appmenu-qt plugin for this PPA:

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