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The MTP2 links are the classic way of interconnecting SS7 over TDM.
MTP2 configurations depends both on the local TDM card and on the remote side requirements.



MTP2 implementation in YATE is located in ysig library. The methods declaration is in libs/ysig/yatesig.h and the implementation in libs/ysig/layer2.cpp. Class name is SS7MTP2.


From sample ysigchan.conf file:

; Example of a SS7 MTP2 link
; type: keyword: Specify the link type
; Allowed values:
;  ss7-mtp2:      SS7 Message Transfer Part - Layer 2

; autostart: bool: Automatically try to align the MTP2 at startup or on failure
; This should be enabled (default) for normal operation

; emergency: boolean: Emergency align SS7 MTP2 layer at startup

; autoemergency: boolean: Emergency align link if owner linkset is down

; filllink: boolean: Configure MTP2 to request link fill (packet repeat) when
;  sending FISU or LSSU packets

; maxerrors: int: Number of consecutive errors that cause realignment
; This parameter is constrained between 8 and 256
; When in proving interval this setting is ignored and realignment occurs at
;  4 errors in normal proving or 1 error in emergency proving

; rxunderrun: int: Maximum interval in ms between two packets before we report
;  an underrun condition, zero to disable or 25+

; layer2dump: string: Filename to dump MTP2 packets to



MTP2 Control commands:

Pause control MTP2_NAME pause Pause this link message delivery
Resume control MTP2_NAME resume Align this link if it is not already aligned and it can auto start
Align control MTP2_NAME align Force this to start Align algorithm

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