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This module keeps a count of active calls per user specified context and adds one or all counters to be used in routing decisions.
The context parameter must be generated in the call.cdr messages by the cdrbuild module.




The following parameters are interpreted in the call.cdr message:

  • chan - the ID of the call leg, always added by cdrbuild
  • direction - direction of the call leg, always added by cdrbuild
  • operation - type of CDR operation, always added by cdrbuild
  • parameter - context parameter as configured


In the call.route message:

  • allcounters - local override of the configured setting to add all counters. Values:
    • false: parameter_count will be set to the current counter value. A value of zero is never set as context counters. They are dynamically created and removed.
    • true: several parameter_count_context parameters will be set, each holding the current count for context.
  • parameter - context parameter as configured, only if allcounters is not true


File callcounters.conf:

; Global settings of the per context call counters

; parameter: string: Name of the call parameter to use for context counting
; This parameter must exist in the call.cdr messages by adding a line
;  like: context=false to the [parameters] section of cdrbuild.conf

; direction: string: Direction of the call legs counted, set empty to count all

; allcounters: boolean: Add all counters instead of just the current context

; Numerical priorities of installed message handlers

; call.cdr: integer: Priority of CDR message handler used to count calls

; call.route: integer: Priority of handler used to add counters to routing message

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