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This module implements signal link backhauling using the Cisco Signaling Link Terminal protocol, Cisco Session Manager and Cisco RUDP.

As it name suggests it can communicate with Signaling Gateways (standalone or embedded in Universal Gateways) manufactured by Cisco Systems.

Currently only SS7 MTP backhauling over RUDP version 0 is supported.


A SLT configuration example is available in the SS7 section.


; Each such section configures parameters for talking to a Cisco Session Manager
; The name of the section is referenced by session users
; You can have a single session to each Cisco Session Manager
; Most parameters are related to the RUDP protocol

; rudp_sequence: int: Initial RUDP sequence number, 0-255, use random if not set

; rudp_maxretrans: int: Maximum retransmissions until RUDP is disconnected

; rudp_maxcumulative: int: Maximum number of segments in a cumulative ACK

; rudp_retransmission: int: RUDP retransmission interval in ms, 400+

; rudp_cumulative: int: RUDP cumulative ACK send timer in ms, 100+

; rudp_nulltimer: int: RUDP NULL transmission timer in ms, 1500+

; rudp_syntimer: int: RUDP SYN transmission timer in ms, 900+

; rudp_version: int: Version of RUDP protocol to use, negative to autodetect
; Ciscos use version 0 for SLT / SS7 backhaul, version 1 for ISDN backhaul

; rudp_checksum: bool: Attach RUDP checksums in sent packets
; Version 1 automatically turns checksums on

; rudp_sendsyn: bool: Actively send RUDP SYN when connection is down
; Will work only when version is set or detected from remote

; remote_host: ipaddr: IPv4 address of remote Cisco SM, mandatory

; remote_port: int: Port for RUDP on remote Cisco SM

; local_host: ipaddr: Address of local interface, zero address for kernel default

; local_port: int: Local UDP port number for RUDP session
;local_port=same as remote_port

; SLT sections create on demand SS7 Layer 2 transports (remote MTP2 links)
; The name of the section is referenced as link= from a MTP3 configuration

; session: string: Name of section describing the Cisco Session Manager to use

; channel: int: Number of the channel inside the session, must match remote config

; autostart: bool: Automatically try to align the remote MTP2 at startup

; configuration: int: Configuration request retransmission interval in ms, 250+
; A zero value disables configuration step and jumps directly to connect request

; printslt: bool: Display SLT communication for debugging purposes

Rmanager commands

This module is controlled indirectly by the common SS7 Link commands implemented in ysigchan.

Note: All three layers (SLT, SM and RUDP) are not officially documented and were reverse engineered from traffic captures.

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