Compiling and Installing Yate from SVN on FreeBSD

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Follow the steps below to install and compile the latest version of Yate from SVN source on FreeBSD9.



Prerequisites for compiling the core

For fetching and building Yate from SVN you will need the following:

  • A subversion(svn) client to fetch Yate from SVN source.
pKg_add -r subversion
  • Basic software development tools:
  • The autoconf configuration script builder. After fetching Yate you will have to run to generate the configure file, but if autoconf is missing, an error will be given:
Please install Gnu autoconf to build from CVS.
cd /usr/ports/devel/autoconf
make install clean

Prerequisites libraries

  • Development libraries for all optional modules in Yate you want to compile like:
  • If you want to register users in a database you need libraries like:
Read more about them and others in modules page.

Get the sources

Once you have the svn client installed getting the sources is a simple command:

cd /usr/src
svn checkout yate
cd yate

This will fetch a copy of the SVN TRUNK in a new directory called yate.

Prepare and configure the sources

Run script to generate the configure file.

Finished! Now run configure. If in doubt run ./configure --help

This script will warn if autoconf is missing and will prepare a configure script for you if everything is OK.

You can now run the configure script:

./configure --without-fdsize --with-libpq=/usr/local
checking for local operating system type... FreeBSD
checking for libraries directory name... lib
checking for g++... g++

Use --without-fdsize so that the verification if a handler in Yate is selectable, to not fail for FreeBSD.
If you wish to keep your users in PostgreSQL database use --with-libpq to give the path for the library because the default is /usr for other Linux systems.
You can give command ./configure --help to see how you can use it and the descriptions of some of the useful variables.

Look at the configure output and check that all features you need are detected. If not, install what is missing.

Compile the sources

Use make command:

 gmake LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib && gmake install
 gmake -C ./engine all
 gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/yate/engine'

Use LDFLAGS to set linker flags, if you have libraries in a nonstandard directory.

Starting Yate

Check version of Yate:

./run -V
Yate 4.2.1 alpha1

Start Yate:

./run -vvvvv -CDo
Yate engine is initialized and starting up on freeBSD

Next step will be to learn more about configuration files and the modules and routing to configure Yate for your needs.

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