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This module makes multi routing from a database. The file used for configuration is: dbpbx.conf.

For database access you can use PostgreSQL or MySQL. Please see the requirements for the database module chosen.

After enabling the multi routing parameter, the following queries can be done:

- initial query to execute when module is initialized: initquery
- Query for the initial routing message: queryroute
- Query for subsequent retries: queryretry. Parameter retryneeds must be present to perform routing retries queries.


File dbpbx.conf

; Global module settings that are read only at first initialization

; The following parameters enable handling of individual components
; Each must be enabled manually in this config file

; Enable multi router

; Base priorities for each component


; This section holds default settings for each of the following message handlers
; All these settings can be overriden in individual handler sections

; account: string: Name of the database connection to use

; In each of the following sections you have to specify the following:
; - initial query to execute when module is initialized
; - query to execute for each received message
; - result field to copy in message's textual return value (only for some)
; You can also override the settings from section [default]

; Multiple router
; Query for the initial routing message
queryroute=SELECT callto,mrid,priority FROM mroutes WHERE prefix='${called}' ORDER BY priority LIMIT 1

; Query for subsequent retries
queryretry=SELECT callto,priority FROM mroutes WHERE mrid=${mrid} AND priority>${priority} ORDER BY priority LIMIT 1

; Parameter that must be present to perform routing retries

; Inital query to execute on startup

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