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This page describes DTMFs send related configuration of H323 channel.

The parameters involved (located in 'general' section of h323chan.conf) are:

  • dtmfmethods
  • honor_dtmf_detect


This parameter configures the allowed methods and the order they are tried. Allowed methods are:

  • rfc2833 Send DTMFs as RFC2833 RTP signals. This method will be used if external RTP is started and remote party advertised RFC2833 support.
  • h323 Send DTMFs using H323 connection capabilities.
  • inband Send DTMFs in audio stream. This method will succeed if media is started, the tone generator module is loaded and there is a translator from PCM (yate 'slin' format) to current rtp format.

The default value of this parameter is 'rfc2833,h323,inband'.
This parameter is apllied on reload for new calls.
Invalid values will be ignored. E.g.
foo,h323 will be handled as h323
foo,h323,foo2,inband will be handled as h323,inband
foo,foo2 will be handled as default rfc2833,h323,inband

This parameter can be overridden when routing by an odtmfmethods parameter for outgoing calls and idtmfmethods parameter for incoming calls.
Also, it can be overridden when sending DTMFs (chan.dtmf messages) by a methods parameter.


This parameter instructs the H323 channel to use the detected method when sending DTMFs.
The detected method won't be used if not enabled.
This parameter is enabled by default and can be changed at runtime for new calls only.
It can be overridden when routing by an ohonor_dtmf_detect parameter for outgoing calls and ihonor_dtmf_detect parameter for incoming calls.
Also, it can be overridden in chan.dtmf messages by a parameter with the same name.

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