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Yate can be used as a IAX Client. That means that if your telephony services provider uses the IAX protocol, you will successfully make your calls with YateClient.


How to use YateClient with IAX

There are two ways of using YateClient with IAX.

  1. Being logged into your telephony account.
  2. URI calling with YateClient.

Being logged into your telephony account

Adding account

This it is done in two ways by using:

  1. Add account wizard from tab Yate
  2. Add account from tab Yate

Either way you choose, you have to add your IAX credentials for the server where the client will register.

Here is an example of setting an IAX account:

Add iax account yateclient.png

Making a call

Click on the Telephony tab. Make sure you have the Calls button selected. Write the destination number using either the keyboard or the dial-pad within the client.

Example of writting the called number:

Make calls yateclient.png

URI calling with YateClient

In the telephony tab, write URI like this:

Semnification of the elements in the URI:

  • protocol/username@IP:port/number called


More examples and information you can find in YateClient page dedicated to IAX protocol.

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