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Yate Mail List can be used to report bugs or complex problems encoutered in Yate.


Mailing list - regular

Subscribe - - to the Yate mailing list.
Unsubscribe - - from the Yate mailing list.

Digest version of the mailing list

Subscribe - - to Digest of the Yate mailing list.
Unsubscribe - - from the Digest Yate mailing list.

For each operation you just need to send mail to the proper account from the mail address you registered initially.
If you fail to unsubscribe please contact the list owner instead of posting to the list.

Note: The yate-help address for obtaining help on using the mailing list was disabled as it allowed for spam backscatter.
You can access Mail List Help - the help text.


Note: The mailing list is checking SPF records to avoid responding to spam messages. 
Messages that fail SPF check are silently dropped! If your messages don't seem to get through please check and fix your domain SPF records.

In case you use anti-spam measures please whitelist messages received from the mailing list so they don't bounce.
Also make sure you don't set an autoresponder when you are away for a while - if you do, please set your list subscription to vacancy mode.

Posters have no obligation to whitelist themselves to each and every member that uses some anti-spam measure.
If you spam the senders with whitelist challenge requests you will be forcibly unsubscribed.

Innocent posters, please watch out for fake challenges as they only try to harvest confirmed e-mail addresses.
Just ignore them, they don't deserve an answer anyway.

Hotmail and Microsoft Live Mail

Currently the Hotmail / Live Mail service is blocking mail from the domain because someone too lazy to unsubscribe has used the "Report as Spam" as a quick exit from the mailing list. We are sorry for innocent victims but we cannot do anything about it. You are advised to create mail accounts with other more collaborative providers.


An archive of the list is also available.

A copy of the archive is also available at Gmane

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