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The OpenH323 library together with matching PWLib are available at:

Yate needs OpenH323 and PWLib to be installed in /usr directory. Recent versions of Yate will detect them from /usr/local as well but if you have multiple versions of PWLib and OpenH323 you must be sure to select the proper pair.

IMPORTANT: If you build a relatively new OpenH323 from sources and Yate's ./configure script cannot find it no matter what, you should check if you have in the library directory (/usr/local/lib or /usr/lib). 
If you see a libopenh323.@SHAREDLIBEXT@ you have to rename it to and Yate (or any other program) will detect it.


PWLib and OpenH323 versions

These libraries come in pairs. You must always match them or you'll run into trouble.

PWLib version OpenH323 version Notes
1.11.0 Final release
1.10.0 1.18.0
1.8.7 1.15.6 Rel: Mimas Patch2
1.8.1 1.15.1
1.7.5 1.14.4 Rel: Pandora RC1
1.6.5 1.13.4 Not recommended

Building and installing


The connection between PWLib and OpenH323 libraries is brittle and many obscure problems can occur caused by version mismatch (see above).
Some problems are even created by maintainers of these packages for a distribution or another. Mismatched or incorrectly patched libraries are quite common.
If you have problems please remove the system packaged OpenH323 and PWLib libraries and build from the sources linked above.

Version mismatch example

Yate was correctly configured and built on a Mandriva Linux 2009.0 but at runtime reports this error:

 <WARN> /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK9PIPSocket7AddressmLERKS0_

The H.323 module fails to load.
The mangled C++ symbol decodes to PIPSocket::Address::operator*=(PIPSocket::Address const&) const which is referenced from and is supposed to exist in where the classes like PWLib IP Socket are located.

A look in the package manager shows the following versions:

  • libpwlib1-1.10.10-5mdv2009.0
  • libopenh323_1-1.18.0-7mdv2009.0

This is a mismatch according to the version pairing table above, PWLib should have version 1.10.0 instead.

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