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Keywords and Operators

Global Objects

These are objects, functions or constructors that exists automatically in each script context.

Function that checks if its argument is Not A Number.

Function that parses a string to an integer in an arbitrary base.

  • NaN

Static variable that is Not a Number.

Static Math object.

Constructor of an Object object.

Constructor of an Array object.

Constructor of a Function object.

Constructor of a Regular Expression object.

Constructor of a Date object.

Constructor of a Message object.

Constructor of an XML object.

Constructor of a Hasher object.

Static JSON parser object.

Constructor for JPath (JSON Path) object.

Static DNS resolver object.

Static Engine object.

Global shared data.

Static File object.

Constructor of a ConfigFile object.

Constructor of a ConfigSection object.

Static Channel object (present only in routing scripts).

String Functions

Yate's Javascript implementation does not include String or Number objects. Instead applicable methods are added to all kind of non-object values including those native to the Yate engine.

Property reflecting the length of a string.

Function that returns a character at a certain position in string.

Function that returns the position of a substring in another string.

Function that returns a substring.

Function that matches a string against a Regular Expression.

Function that converts a string to lower case.

Function that converts a string to upper case.

Function that removes leading and trailing spaces from a string.

Function that performs SQL escaping on a string.

Function that checks if a string starts with a specific substring.

Function that checks if a string ends with a specific substring.

Function that splits a string into an Array at a separator.

Function that converts a number to string using a specified numbering base.

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