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Yate has 3 major API's to build applications on top of it: C API, Javascript and extmodule (you can use your favorite language like PHP, Python, Ruby, Lisp).

But all Yate API's are quite unified, so all Yate design pages, apply to all API's. Enjoy.


About Yate design and implementation

Yate for programmers

Yate arhitecture and design.

Documentation for Yate C++ API

Components of messages and how messages are processed by messages handlers.

All standard messages in Yate.

Flow messages for an incoming call.

Rules for coding Yate

Yate's implementation provides classes for mutual exclusion and locking.

Provide an overview of problems caused by improper locking and how to troubleshoot them.

Some noteworthy mutexes that have program-wide implications in Yate code.

YIAX library in Yate.

Scripting languages supported by Yate


Yate for programmers

Yate offers a embedded Javascript implementation.

Configuring Javascript module to use routing or global scripts.

Language extensions for including other files and libraries.

Object construction and prototypal inheritance in Javascript.

Messages in JavaScript

Describes implemented methods that process actions in certain time intervals.

Methods of sharing data between different Javascript instances.

Routing rules written in a script using Yate's Javascript module.

Accessing the database from javascript module.


Yate for programmers

The library used by PHP to comunicate with Yate.

How to setup an IVR in Yate.

How to write an IVR.

Test an existing PHP script on Windows.

Test an existing PHP script on Windows.


Yate for programmers

The library used by Python Module to comunicate with Yate.

How to write a simple IVR in Yate.

How to write a simple IVR with Inline Callbacks in Yate.

How to bridge and then unbridge.

How to bridge and then redirect after a hangup

How to install YAYPM on Windows.


Yate for programmers

How to debug in Yate.

How to enable debug in Yate.

You can use the msgsniff module to investigate the messages in yate.

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