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By default Yate loads modules relevant to its current running mode:

  • all modules from the base module directory
  • in client mode modules from the client subdirectory
    • and all modules from the qt4 subdirectory in the Qt based client
  • in server mode modules from the server subdirectory
    • if yjinglechan is loaded also all modules from the jabber subdirectory

You just need to list all .yate files in those directories.

Loading of each module is controlled by the base name of each module in the [modules] section of the relevant main config file (yate.conf or yate-qt4.conf). The default is specified by modload= in section [general] of the same file:

  • if modload=yes (default) all modules are loaded if not disabled explicitly
  • if modload=no only explicitly enabled modules are loaded


Software Drivers


VoIP H.323 driver requiring the OpenH323 Library

VoIP SIP driver based on our own YASS (Yet Another Sip Stack) library

VoIP IAX2 driver using our own yiax (Yate IAX stack)

VoIP Jingle external component driver using our own XMPP/Jingle (for Yate >= 1.2)

SS7/ISDN protocol implementations based on our own signalling library (for Yate >= 2.0)

Analog channel (FXS/FXO) implementation based on our own signalling library (for Yate >= 2.0)

This module supports almost any ALSA driven sound card

This module supports almost any OSS driven sound card

This module supports the tones (dial,busy,congestion) for Yate

This module can play or record on a certain channel

This module can transmit or receive a fax, is based on spandsp

Yate native RTP channel (for Yate >= 0.9)

Implements miscellaneous SIP features

A "dumb" channel. most useful for channel-less entities like IVRs

Play or record to a binary database record

MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) - Call Agent

Jabber server

Implements miscellaneous Jabber features

Jabber client

Hardware Drivers


ISDN E1/T1 driver over Wanpipe for Linux. Supports Sangoma AFT voice series cards. Very efficient. (for Yate >= 2.0)

ISDN E1/T1 driver over Wanpipe for Windows. Wanpipe drivers for windows are really different from the Linux version including the API. (for Yate >= 2.0)

ISDN E1/T1 TDM/FXO/FXS Zaptel driver. It supports some of the cards made by Digium - E100P, T100P, TE405P, TE410P. (for Yate >= 2.0)

Signalling Modules


MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) - Call Agent

Cisco SLT (Signaling Link Transport) control (SS7 MTP2 backhaul over IP)

SIGTRAN connection provider (SS7 over IP)

SCTP sockets provider using Linux Kernel

Modifies parameters of ISUP messages passed through in STP mode

Routing Modules


Route with regular expressions

Route from a database

Routing using the embedded Javascript language

ENUM based routing

Forwards calls to other servers in a cluster based on Node Name (Yate >= 2.0)

It can be used for fallback routing, executes a call in parallel or sequence to multiple targets

Registration and routing from a file

Makes a late routing decision, simplifies call forking and divert implementation (Yate >= 2.0)

Routing using a radius server

Adds active call counters to be used in

Modifies parameters of ISUP messages passed through in STP mode

Perform CNAM and LNP queries via SIP INVITE / 3xx

CNAM and LNP memory caches. Set caller name or routing number if found in cache

This module is based on the signalling library and uses driver module(s) (e.g. zapcard, wpcard) to create interfaces and circuits used to transfer signalling packets and audio data.

Registering Modules


This module allows Yate to act as a SIP or H.323 client

Registration and routing from a file

Register users in a database

Adds Node Name information to routes registered with other modules (for Yate 2)

PBX Modules


Music on hold

Conference room with arbitrary number of seats

Call parking

Call pickup

Configurable PBX with hold, transfer and conference capabilities

Miscellaneous script-usable PBX features

Queues and distributes incoming calls to operators

PBX, IVR and multi routing from a database

CDR Modules


Builds the cdr so other modules can use it

Writes the cdr in a file

Writes the cdr in a database

Count active calls per user specified context

Transforms mutliple cdr entries(per each call leg) to single cdr entry(per call).

Transcoding Modules (codecs)


GSM 06.10 codec

Speex NB, WB and UWB codec

iLBC codec

AMR-NB codec

Test Modules


Message sniffer

Call generator

Audio path quality analyzer

Remote Control


Remote manager accessible from telnet

Billing Modules


Billing in a database

RADIUS module

External Module


External module allows you to use a channel or global scripts in Yate.

Database Drivers


PostgreSQL database driver

MySQL database driver

Resource subscribe/notify modules


Handle sip.subscribe and resource.notify messages

Writes the subscriptions in the database and notify the subscribers

Notify changes in the status of queued calls

Implements presence service for SIP clients

Manages rosters



Introduction on how the PSTN signalling modules are working together in Yate

Allows Yate to control analog or digital Media Gateways

Provides support for SCTP sockets based on the Linux kernel implementation

Signalling module

Allows intercepting and mangling ISUP messages that pass through the STP.

Standard factory for the common lower layer of SIGTRAN protocols

Implements signal link backhauling using the Cisco Signaling Link Terminal protocol

Miscellaneous support modules


Inband DTMF and Fax tone detector

SSL/TLS sockets provider using the OpenSSL library

SCTP sockets provider using Linux Kernel

Reject calls based on CPU load (depends on cpuload)

Google Voice support module (Yate 4+)

GUI Modules


A skinnable Qt4 user interface allowing the use of Yate as an universal VoIP client



The SNMP agent

Monitors CPU load

Monitors database accounts, QoS, routing, RTP, SIP, etc.

Write events and alarms to log files.

Private Modules


Diameter protocol support.

Provides HTTP client connections

Note: Some modules appear in more than one category because they may implement multiple functions on top of the same protocol or connection.

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